Model Of The Moment

How is it that Marshall Brockley has never been featured here before? He has shown up now and again, but this is the first time I've ever featured him, despite the fact that he has been at the top of the modeling game since he was 15 years old.   Perhaps I found him a bit unsettling.  With his nimbus of golden hair, his striking features, and his regal bearing he seemed more like an angel from a renaissance painting than an actual human being.


He has grown up since then (by my calculations he's all of 18) and as this cover story in the current issue of Essential Homme  proves,  he now  looks less like a beautiful creature from another realm and more like an unconventionally handsome, preternatually posed young man.



Anonymous said…
model marsh , reminds me of whats his name who plays a secret agent , but he's still at school .

when he's in secret agent mode his blond curly locks
go all straight . oh dear I'll have to look his name up .
Uncle Mame said…
Fascinating face, and those golden locks are to die for!
Vera said…
Jay, might you be referring to Ben Kerfoot?

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