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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Never Met A Red Carpet He Didn't Like

Today, somewhere in the world,  an envelope opened and Gregg Sulkin was there, getting his picture taken. 90% of this boy's career seems to consist of showing up at any event where paparazzi are present and smiling sweetly for the camera. Not that I'm complaining. I'll use any excuse to ogle his loveliness, as long as it doesn't involve actually watching Wizards of Waverly Place.  Here's Gregg, looking lush at last night's premiere of the Lifetime TriStar motion picture Soul Surfer.  


jaymcfly said...

Sigh , i'm lovin the shorter locks , i wonder was david h
there ? sometimes they go together .

Luke said...

Such prettiness!
(me, I'd even watch Wizards on Waverly Place for me shallow.)

Jared said...

What is wrong with Wizards of Waverly Place? It's my favorite TV show, especially now that Hannah Montana has completed its run. It's fun to watch new episodes and figure out what the writers have hidden in the dialogue. Obvious examples are Mr. Laritate, a reference to Darrin Stephens' boss, Larry Tate, on Bewitched, and Miss Majorhealey, a reference to Major Nelson's buddy, Major Healey, on I Dream of Jeannie. Most of the spells contain the name of a cast or crew member...there are always hidden gems there to be discovered. Of course, David and Greg and Jake are good reasons to watch, also. Perhaps I enjoy it as much as I do because it is a tad meatier than, say, iCarly and Good Luck Charlie (I only watch DisneyChannel and Nickelodeon/TVLand). Hmmm...

BTW, I saw the pics of David and Greg at some event several months ago, so they have nothing to do with the Kids' Choice Awards three weeks ago. Now I have some great naked photos of David, in and out of a hot tub, if you want to see!