Something For The Occasion

Even though I am on vacation minimizing my time on the computer, as an Irish-American I would be remiss if I didn't take a break from preparing corn beef and cabbage  to wish my readers a happy St. Patrick's Day.  Yes, I know that it is just an excuse to get drunk, but it's part of my upbringing.

In search of celebratory eye candy I turned to Google and looked for for "sexy leprechauns."  The only appropriate thing I found was this,  which I didn't think was equal to the occasion:

So here's the only thing that popped into my mind: Niall Horan, the Irish portion of X Factor boy band One Direction.  I think he's a cute little thing, so I've chosen him to be our sexy leprechaun this year.  Thank you, Uncle Simon.


Any excuse to match my clothing a little too match and drink a little too much is okay with. Unfortunately, this is the only one I get all year.
Anonymous said…
Niall 4ever !
Jason Shaw said…
Happy St Paddy's Day, ok, I'm a bit late, but I ha a bit of a headache till now!!

Niall is a little cutie, but I rather like cheeky chappy Harry, he looks like he needs a good looking after!

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