Bored? Want Something New?

Here's something brand new.  A blog called Cutie Boys. It has only just begun, but I have a feeling that if you like my blog you are going to like Cutie Boys as well. As you may have gathered from the title it consists almost entirely of cute boys! 


Uncle Mame said…
Promising, thanks for the tip!
He seems to like socks a lot,
not that there's anything wrong with that.
bufs said…
This site shows real promise. There's always room for another cutie boy! Thanks for pointing it out.

I'd write more but I've another blog to read.
Anonymous said…
Hi Vera, hi all.
DannyJay from Cutie Boys here.
Thanks Vera for your continuing support and encouragement. That's the sort of thing that makes Cutie Boys post more :)
Thaks bufs and Uncle Mame for the comments. Mame, I thought I was showing great restraint about the socks:)
I'm off to lose myself in Vera's Blog.
yankeefan4 said…
mmmm 2nd pic my fav porn twink kyler moss ;) <3 was mh friend on fb till he cut down on his fb friends :'( atill love him <3

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