Bromance #1

"I wonder what we can do with this long cylindrical object."

"Dude, I know you're standing right there, but I'm going to text you anyway."

Planning a Caribbean cruise together.
Besties Gregg Sulkin and David Henrie attend an event in conjunction with tonight's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.  Such close friends!


Anonymous said…
Tripe G and the total package , i do hope they enjoy thier cruise together and make full use of everything
the ship has to offer , particularly the pool .
bufs said…
I just don't see what those two see in one another. Wait. Yes, I do!

I wonder which one ... ... ?

Oh, nevermind. They're a loverley couple no matter how they couple.
Uncle Mame said…
Power couple of the year!
Lookit those biceps on David.
Perhaps there will soon be fotos of the couple playing shuffleboard in swimwear!

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