Hot Bible Reading

I didn't stay up all night to watch the royal wedding, but I did DVR it and watch some of it.  The highlight for me was the Bible reading by dishy little brother James Middleton,  who is more likely to be found running the upscale cake baking company he owns. When he began his readings with the words, "I appeal to you...", my only thoughts were, "You certainly do!" Thank goodness I don't believe in any of this religion business or I'd feel really bad about the fact that the entire time he was reading I was wishing that he was in his skivvies.   Now that would have been a royal wedding worth staying up all night for.  Instead,  we'll just have to settle for this:


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Pitbullshark said…
Dear Vera, If you ask me, your desires regarding wishing that James Middleton were in his skivvies is more correctly religious than those who think of themselves as religious. After all, if God made him, then he made him naked, so your desire to see him in skivvies puts the whole thing just that much closer to God.

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