I'm Not Over My Alex Gardner Crush Just Yet

Despite his failure to catch on with the British public,  Alex Gardner's voice continues to send chills down my spine.  Why in the world was his record company so set on selling him as a male Cheryl Cole when he is so clearly a male Adele? In fact, here he is singing some Adele (Rolling in the Deep, of course) and a few other covers. 


Why are you trying to get over it? Just relax and enjoy.
Fresh Garden said…
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.
Anonymous said…
I love Alex's voice , while i love the pop productions of what he's released so far , If they were well clever they would let his album have more of a mix . He's clearly very talented , Id love to see on ' Later with Jools holland ' a show over here where artists play live and do a nice bit of showcasing thier talents .
Uncle Mame said…
That face + that voice =
major swoon! If he wants to catch on in a bigger way, some shirtless performance videos would be nice.

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