Mr. Popularity

The most popular post I've made here, by far, was on July 7, 2008.  You can see it here,  but I'll save you some time.  This is the only photo that was contained in that post

I never knew a single thing about this blond fellow, including his name.  Believe me, had I known who he was I would have posted a lot more of him, not because I am wildly attracted to him, but because when it comes to generating web traffic, frankly I'm a bit of a whore.  Well, gentle readers,  today I learned his name.  I'd like you to meet Aaron Brückner,  a successful fashion model from Westerwald,  Germany.  And now that I know who he is, here's more pictures of him. 


a Nony Mouse said…
Oh, He's just awesome. thank you.

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