Oh Brother!

There's a very good reason why I check out Kai Z. Feng's photostream on a regular basis. A large part of Feng's genius is that  he only photographs the most beautiful people.  (Beautiful on the outside,  they may be rotten to the core on the inside for all I know.)   His latest lovely is none other than Mr. Alex Watson,  a delicious bit of  teen totty whose claim to fame is that he is the younger brother of beloved Harry Potter star Emma Watson.  Previously we have seen Alex in an ad campaign for Burberry alongside his sister, but these photos leave those in the dust.  I only hope that we see more from this shoot,  because damn.

Here are a couple more photos of Alex that showed up on Famous Male Forums today.


Anonymous said…
I'd love to see him and the rock cherub have a session together , when I say session i of course mean mean a photo session .
I've long thought that the most beautiful thing about Emma Watson was her brother.
Uncle Mame said…
Why, he's as pretty as his sis.
@jaymcfly good thinking.
Jason Shaw said…
Ohh simply adorable.

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