Paddy Returns

One person I never see enough of, despite the fact that he is currently the face of Hollister and I see a giant poster of him whenever I walk through the mall, is Patrick "Paddy" Mitchell.  

I was perusing a picture forum a while back and someone posted pictures of Paddy there.  A reader was quick to say that Paddy was actually quite ordinary looking, "nothing special" and that we were all somehow being fooled into believing he is super-beautiful through a combination of careful grooming, make-up, and clever photography.  There's always someone like that at those forums.  They always assert that wherever it is they live, you see people just as good-looking ten or twelve times on any given day.  I reject this notion. For one thing, I have seen Paddy Mitchell on a game show in which he was dressed like boys his age tend to dress, and even though he didn't have special help to look good he was just as lovely as a spring day.  But aside from that, how does it make sense that instead of choosing one of the many gorgeous boys available to them, the fashion professionals in charge would choose as their model an unlovely boy who they would then have to use time-consuming magic to transform from an ugly duckly into a swan?  And  just where is this Wonderland where all the boys look better than Paddy Mitchell?  I want to know because I want to go there.


Uncle Mame said…
Thank you Vera!
People say the silliest things sometimes.
For me he might be the fairest of them all.

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