River And A Rant

I have a question I would like to pose to every magazine publisher in the known universe.  Why should I pay for a subscription to your magazine, let's say for the sake of arguement that it's Essential Homme,  if you are going to post every single bit of it online for free before you send the issue out in the mail?  Does it occur to you that this kind of thing might alienate your current subscribers and kill your sales?  Why should anyone pay for your content when you are handing it out for nothing?

Coincidentally,  River Viiperi is the cover boy on the upcoming issue of Essential Homme, and inside the magazine he is as lovely as usual, modeling swimwear.



Anonymous said…
I find it odd too , I brought V magazine recently , only to find the interview and pictures i was interested in had been featured on line anyway .
Uncle Mame said…
Look on the bright side, Vera.
Now you can cancel your subscription, or at least not renew it, and put the money you save towards a nice new frock or wig. In any case, River sure does make a comely cover boy!

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