Say My Name!

Who is this delectable British boyo?  The answer depends on who you ask. That's because like River Viiperi, who called himsef River Delfin when he began, and Rory Torrens, who started out as Rory Jobling,  this young man, born in 1992,  seems to have started his modeling career under the moniker of Jake Cooperwhite, but is now more likely to call himself Jake Cooper,  the "White" falling by the wayside.  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, I guess, but I'd like to smell this particular blossom for myself, just to make sure.


Jason Shaw said…
He really is a super blossom thats for sure. Looks perfect in all those photos, adorable even. Not sure about the green shiny pants, but what;s inside them is stunning.

Thanks for this amazing interlude into my day and food for my dreams tonight.
a Nony Mouse said…
I think, I fell in love.
thanks for the post.
Uncle Mame said…
Lovely thing!
The more ordinary looking clothes seem to better set off his great look than those styles that might not catch on.
Pitbullshark said…
He's definitely beautiful. I think, though, that "Cooperwhite" is a name one wouldn't forget, which I think would be a plus in the modeling business.
Anonymous said…
He's such a lovely and thin thing!
With just the right amount of chest hair.
bufs said…
Une vraie beauté! Not many guys can pull off shiny green pants (tee-hee) but Jake does it with aplomb. Yum.

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