Two Bullets America Has Managed To Dodge

It's been a while since the dynamic duo from Ireland, the twin teenage singing act now known simply as Jedward (a.k.a. John and Edward Grimes) held the entire United Kingdom emotionally hostage by not being voted off The X Factor immediately.  Strangely,  instead of imploding spectacularly, or quietly riding in the sunset,  the boys have managed quite well at  keeping  themselves in the public eye.  In fact,  recently Joe McElderry,  who actually won that year of X Factor,  opened a gig for them.   Here are John and Edward, don't ask me which is which,  on the cover of the new issue of Gay Times. Say what you will about them,  they might not be talented or bright (they really aren't either of those things) but they sure are pretty.


Anonymous said…
those boys have certainly done well and good for them !

I was a tad upset to see that Joe looks like he's going to be dropped from uncle Simon's record label , which is a pity as I really liked his debut album .
Inspiration said…
Well, honestly, I was pretty upset too. :(
Fanny & Co said…
Jedward really get this old birds juices flowing!
They are beautiful. I love them.
Just Daniel said…
Agreed that they are supremely untalented but lovely to look at. I wold certainly love to find a "paris Hilton sex video" of the two of them doing 'things'with each other }:-)

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