Thoughts On Androgyny

Not everyone will be as taken by Australian model Cooper Thompson as I am.  Why is that? I have noticed lately that a large portion of the gay community (if such a thing even exists anymore)  is becoming increasingly devoted to enforcing normative gender roles, and I think this is largely due to their own fear and self-loathing.  They want everyone to know that they are "real men", and "just like everyone else." They are becoming just as blinkered and bigoted as the people we have been fighting against since Stonewall. You see it whenever someone suggests that a young man get a haircut because he "looks like a lesbian."  I don't have time for these people. These people are part of the problem.  If you can't look at someone like Cooper and see the beauty in that face, it can only be because your soul has died.


I don't think I'm close-minded about this, but I don't like his looks. I see some beauty there, but no sexual attraction and -- shallow creature that I can be -- that's what I mostly look for online.
Anonymous said…
On the same point as Mike Ellis, it's not that I have anything against him, it's just not what I'm attracted to. I'm not attracted to female models either. And hey, it's not like he's not good looking, it's just not the thing I'm in to. While I agree that the "gay community" does have a tendency in the direction of overcompensation on the masculinity scale (and the intolerance of genderqueer folk and non-traditional gender roles by the larger community preexists stonewall, so it's not a new thing), the fact that many would not be attracted to Mr. Thompson is not necessarily indicative of that.

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