We Can Be Heroes (Just For One Day)

I'm happy to learn that the new issue of my favorite magazine, Hero, which I told you about some time ago,  is now available.  I also mentioned at that time that I had taken steps to procure the first issue of that magazine. What I never mentioned was just how epic Hero #1 really is.  Let's put it this way:  I love magazines, the old-fashioned kind that are printed on paper. I remember a particular issue of GQ that I had in high school that had pretty much the same effect on me as the "It Gets Better" campaign has on lonely, bullied, gay teens now. It  blew my mind and gave me something to live for.   I had a copy of After Dark from the early 1980s that quite literally changed the way I perceived the world.  It made me realize that not only was it OK to be gay, it was a thing much to be desired.  It taught me that being gay was, in a word, fabulous.  There were issues of XY in the 1990s that made me absolutely giddy with happiness just knowing that the world had changed enough that very young queers were able to stand up, look the world in the eye and say, "Fuck yeah, I'm Queer!"  It made me hopeful for the future.  All of these magazines of which I speak were erotically charged, queer (even when they didn't come out and say it) and inspirational.  Of course, nothing can ever have quite the same effect on me now, a seen-it-all old Queen,  as those magazines did, but had I come across Hero #1 at the right moment in time it would have come close.  The first issue is chock full of  beauty, and although nothing about it is overtly gay, it clearly comes from and caters to a gay sensibility. (Remember when gays had a sensibility? Happy times.)  It dotes on the beauty of young men and, yes, objectifies them in a way that some might find disturbing. I find it liberating.  Many of my favorite guys are featured,  including cover boy Robbie Wadge,  someone named River Viiperi,  lots and lots of Rory Torrens, and many others.  One wonders how they happened to find these guys just before their modeling careers went super-nova.   Anyway, here are a few choice pictures.  I'll be patiently waiting for issue #5 to come in the mail.

Even the advertisements made me happy.


Anonymous said…
Hero is a lovely magazine and I haven't missed a single issue so far.
Jason Shaw said…
We can be hero's.

I gotta get a copy
Anonymous said…
I hadn't read your earlier piece and didn't know about this mag -so thanks for the heads up Vera.
Very nice article too.
I wonder if you knew an English mag called 'FACE' ?

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