Bo Knows

I've had my eye on Swedish model Bo Develius for quite a while (unfortunately that's all I've had on him), so I was a bit surprised to see him just the other day listed as one of's New Faces of Spring/Summer 2011,  especially since I previously saw him listed as a Breakout Star of 2010.  For such an exquisitely beautiful boy, there's not nearly of him available to the public.  It's time for that to change.


Uncle Mame said…
I'm in love at first sight!
That top cover pic is especially nice.
Thanks for the dishy discovery, Vera!
a Nony Mouse said…
This is a well sweet collection. thanks for posting it. I fell in love a couple of times
amr said…
i like these pics and i heard that Stacey Jackson is going to be singing at Gay Pride on 2nd July.i really like his music .
Eoin O'Connor said…
He's so beautiful! Lovely choice :)

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