The Magic Christian

This is Christian Plauche. He is a model from Louisiana.  If I did the math correctly he should be about 19 years old now.  The last time Christian's gorgeous mug appeared on this blog he was sporting one of the most severe and lacquered quiffs known to man. Here his hair is a bit more relaxed, and perhaps more appropriate to a fellow his age.  

I'd be a liar if I said Christian  did not tick off a lot of boxes for me, but it's his eyes that really stop me in my tracks. Big, brown puddles of loveliness, they are. Enough to make a grown man cry. 

If you aren't a fan of quiffs, and not a fan of the fringe (which we Americans optimistically call "bangs"), perhaps this little 'do will do you.  I'm calling it the "Yahoo Serious in a Windstorm" look.  Extra points if you remember who Yahoo Serious was.


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