Three Guys In Their Underwear, An Armpit, And My Future Ex-Husband

It can be just exhausting trying to think up interesting themes and titles for blog posts, and half the time I fail miserably.  So think of this as me giving up.  This is all I've got. Take it or leave it.

Here we have two model types enjoying each other's company while wearing little more than tiny underpants. 

Here's  another underwear boy.  I wasn't sure if he had on underwear or a swimsuit, but I've decided it's underwear.

This is a gratuitous armpit shot for those who like that sort of  thing.  And who doesn't?

Finally, here's my future ex-husband attending a charity event at the Playboy mansion last Saturday night.   Paris Hilton was there too, looking a hot mess, but I have no photographic evidence that their paths crossed, which is OK by me.


Jason Shaw said…
I think I am in love. Not completely sure on that, but I am so in lust with him

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