Did anybody watch MTV's Teen Wolf last night?  It premiered right after the utterly insipid MTV Movie Awards.  I can't say Teen Wolf is great art, but it sure had some nice eye candy. For instance,

Dylan O'Brien,

Colton Haynes,

and Tyler Hoechlin.

But the evening really belonged to Mr. Tyler Posey, and by that I mean his lovely, bare torso, which was on display frequently.  And I'm happy to say that the second episode opens with even more shirtless Tyler.  

Does the fact that I have set the DVR to record this weekly merely so I can see more of Tyler Posey's skin make me shallow?  No. I was already shallow.


Sean L. said…
Haha, I will be watching this show for similar reasons. Hot stuff.
Anonymous said…
Welcom to the shallow club! *slobber*

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