A Bit Of Housekeeping

I'm in the process of cleaning up my blog roll, removing the dead links.  If your blog is in my blog roll but the URL has changed, please let me know and I will fix it .  If you have a blog or any other website that you feel should be on my blog roll, let me know.  Even if you have sent me this information in the past, let me know.  And just this once, you may let me know by commenting on this blog entry.   That is all. 

xxx ooo


Peter Leeson said…
Hi my dear - Just to comfort you, I need to say that I look forward to your posts and (nearly) always enjoy them.

William said…
Hi, dear. Would love to be on/stay on(?) your blog roll. Thanks SO much.
Vera said…
Peter- Thanky you, your support is much appreciated.

William- as long as you have a blog, I will always include it on my blog roll.
Rob said…
Hey there :)

Daily Chav and Daily Speedo are now a part of Daily Guy Photos (they redirect there).

I also link to you from A1twinks.com and http://www.scallyladporn.co.uk/
Sariuna said…
I'd say; please put my blog on, but I only have tumblr.;(if that counts:http://mixn.tumblr.com/)
Vera said…
Rob- thanks, I'll change that and add your other sites.

Sariuna- As it happens, I already follow you on Tumblr and would be happy to link to your Tumblr blog.
Sariuna said…
Oh, nice :) I'm honored XD
did said…
Vera, your gorgeous blog was inspiration for creating my own tumblr effort http://dogrough.tumblr.com

Vera said…
did- Cool. I just added you to my blog roll.
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