Imaginary Lovers

Thanks to Netflix streaming video, I finally caught up with Xavier Dolan's excellent film, Heartbeats, originally Les Amours Imaginaires, starring Mr. Dolan and Niels Schneider, both gorgeous, and Monia Chokri, an actress who manages to turn the reading of the word Désirée into a comedy monologue.  Mr. Dolan, who lives and works in Montreal, one of my favorite places on Earth, not only stars, but wrote, directed, produced, art directed, edited, and designed the costumes.  Rumor has it that he also ran craft services, but this could not be confirmed. In case you don't already think life is unfair, I'd like to point out that this ridiculously talented young man only just celebrated his 22 birthday in March. 


Anonymous said…
Lovely movie....
I love me a threesome if the guys look good :)

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