It's Joker, Smoker, Midnight Toker, Ezra Miller!

Even if he speaks of the pompetous of love, I will never call him Maurice, for he is the redoubtable Ezra Miller,  fabulous actor, owner of the finest set of cheekbones in showbiz,  and if there's any justice, star in the making.  Here he is in a recent issue of Flaunt Magazine. Unfortunately, our Ezra had a bit of a run-in with the police recently, when a car in which he was a passenger was stopped, and Ezra was found (allegedly!) to possess 20 grams of Mary Jane! Plus rolling papers!  Thankfully, Ezra was cleared of the drug charge but instead was cited for disorderly conduct!  Oh dear, what are we to do with you Ezra?  I'm afraid that you'll just have to come along with me to my house so I can administer some tough love.


Luke said…
Ezra looks lovely and has brains too....I don't mind him trying some err... substances. We all did, didn't we?
bufs said…
I love the idea of Baked Ezra for desert or any old time. And while I thank you for the delish photos, I do not thank you for causing that gawd-awful song to replay endlessly in my poor, feeble brain.

Really, Vera. :-)

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