My 1000th Post

I just happened to notice that my last post was my 999th, and I've been wondering all day what I could do to make this, my 1000th, special.  What could I do besides posting a few pictures of pretty, shirtless boys,  which is all I ever do anyway?  Then I thought that maybe that's the most appropriate thing for me to do after all.   And of course I would like take this opportunity  to thank all of my readers,  especially the tiny minority who take the time to comment.     

Lately, for a variety of reasons, I  have been contemplating the future of this blog.  I admit that, for various reasons,  it has not been as fulfilling for me to do this as it used to be, and I had a very recent incident (which I won't go into) that has finally convinced me that if this blog has a future it probably isn't on Blogger.  But I'm not going to be a gloomy Gus.  This is supposed to be a celebration!   Here are some pretty, shirtless boys-  long may they wave!

Today's soundtrack:  P.P. Arnold- The First Cut: The Immediate Anthology


Peter Leeson said…
Wishing you a very happy millennium. Every post makes me smile and gives a warm fuzzy feeling in places few blogs reach. Long may you post. I raise my coffee (it is 6 am) to the next 1000.
soundlessw said…
So glad you're still around. Been following your blog for a little over a year and it's really cool to see some albeit vein, but also really respectful updates about the goings on in the gay community. It's given me confidence to be myself more and not feel the need to hide who I am. I hope you keep it up. Like Peter said, here's to another 1000 posts. :)
Anonymous said…
a very happy 1000th to you Vera , I only wish I could send Action Alex to your boudoir for a private celebration .
Uncle Mame said…
You go, Vera!
Wish we could give you a big cake
that River whatsisname would pop out of.
A 1000 thanks for those 1000 posts, Vera dear!
oaklad said…
Congrats on your 1000th post. Shirtless boys are OK with me even if I don't often comment.
Anonymous said…
Congrats, Vera!
Hope this place stays open for a long time!
Thanks for all the hotties!
bufs said…
Sorry for not commenting sooner on your landmark thousandth post! I've been crazy busy (in addition to being crazy in general), plus my internet connection and even my effin' electric service has been in the shite of late.

But seriously, all whinging aside, I want to thank you profusely for making VBGB the fun, sexy, irrereverent, thought-provoking, woody-provoking, and otherwise provoking never boring site that it is.

Math isn't my strong suit, but I believe this basic formula will pass muster ... Vera = Awesome.

'Nuff said. Thank you, my friend!!!

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