Random French Actor Who Has Made Me Lose All Reason

Fetch the smelling salts! This morning I stumbled across this fabulous face, quite by accident, because (according to IMDb)  he is one of the 1,114,812 people who have "liked" IMDb on Facebook. His name is Quentin Merabet, he's an actor, and he's French.  And he could very easily be one of my future ex-husbands. I like IMDb too, so obviously we were meant for each other.


Anonymous said…
Not the first time the
Grande Nation has brought forth
such bemopped beauty!
Jason Shaw said…
Oh golly gosh. I'm loosing reason.
Paul said…
those curls....oh thank you soooo much. He is beautiful!
bufs said…
Oh, my. Is it wrong that I'd die for a chance to tousle his already tousled hair? Hope not.

Thanks, Vera!

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