Trouble At Teen Wolf

It has already been noted that Teen Wolf's hot geek, Dylan O'Brien, has demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of the concept of showering by leaving his clothes on during the process.

Now, on this week's episode, Tyler Posey has demonstrated a similar misunderstanding, although he, at least, has mananged to get his shirt off.  I just hope he hasn't ruined his shoes.

Meanwhile, Dylan has told Troix Magazine not to expect any shirtless scenes from him on Teen Wolf any time soon (boo!) because he doesn't think it's something Stiles would do. However, in other showbiz realms,  Dylan is the drummer in a band called Slow Kids At Play, and I'm happy to report that the whole band gets their kit off in their video for a song called Bonfire. I suggest you watch in in full screen and high def, with your finger on the freeze frame button.


Peter Leeson said…
I am shocked at the way they flaunt their heterosexuality in the clip. I have nothing against straight people, why do they have to throw it my face all the time?
Vera said…
Clearly they are over-compensating.

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