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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Almost Too Pretty

I don't really think there's such thing as being too beautiful, but Christopher Rayner, an almost-21-year-old model from the UK, comes close.  If models are supposed to be aspirational,  he fails, because few people could realistically aspire to even coming close to looking like him.  He's so beautiful that it's impossible to pay attention to the clothes he's wearing.  But, so what? Look at that face, that body, and especially that mop. I guess I can forgive him for his perfection.

More pictures after the jump.


jaymcfly said...

Stunning , He reminds me of a certain period in art history , but I can't recall which one .

Latrent said...

That photo of the burned and ripped t is fantastic.

Jason Shaw said...

Beautiful. Simply perfect

A. Nonymous said...

She looks nice. Wait what?!