Dutch Treat

I'm sure that individual photos of 21-year-old Dutch model Jaco van den Hoven have turned up here in the past, but isn't it kind of crazy that I've never done a full post on him until now? Just one look at him and you can see that he's right up my alley.  I find him rather fascinating.  Because he's rail thin and has long hair, he is often styled to appear androgynous.  But look at his features- there's nothing at all girly about his features.  He reminds me, in a way, of a Caravaggio Cupid-  not that he looks like one, but that on first glance he is a beautiful, young thing, but beneath the surface there's something... what?  Decedent, perhaps?  This isn't, of course, a reflection upon a real person named Jaco van den Hoven, but rather, on images of him that have been designed and manipulated  in order to sell products. The real boy in these pictures is almost incidental. Like all people, the real boy is unknowable.

Many more photos, after the jump. 


Anonymous said…
I find that second pic from top particularly intriguing!
Tack Black said…
Not that I don't love your pictures. But where are the blokes?
Vera said…
I'm sorry you don't care for my choices.
Eoin O'Connor said…
I love these pictures! No matter how feminine he may look he's beautiful and still very much a 'bloke'

Thanks Vera!

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