An Experiment

I'm trying out a new iPod app that is designed for blogging from the iPad. This is my first attempt. So far, I'm not blown away. Can't use the font I like, can't justify the text the way I want to. I'm about to insert a photo, so we'll see how that goes.


TRiG said…
Well, the iPad experiment may have been a failure, but that is a very nice photo.

Latrent said…
It looks good on the web site, but the RSS reader (Reeder) I'm using is changing all of the apostrophes from ' to '. (And now I'm curious if, once I post this, Blogger will change ' to an apostropher. I guess we're about to find out.)
Anonymous said…
the picture works and the model looks fab .
Uncle Mame said…
Keep trying, Vera.
Hubba hubba!

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