I Have Just Learned That Models Are Not Created In Giant Test Tubes Like Superboy

Unlike Superboy,  who, as you all know, was created in a large test tube in the laboratories of Project Cadmus, professional models, despite their seeming perfection, are not. I know! I'm just as surprised as you are. I learned this only because some enterprising soul at Soul Artist Management decided that this year's show cards for New York fashion week would feature the models' current looks alongside pictures from their childhoods. What else have I learned from this?

Sean Harju was a jock.  And a nerd.  Both at once.

Matt Giesler and Sebastian Sauve were brought up in artsy families.  Matt was OK with it. Sebastian, not so much.

Simon Nessman was a willowy young thing, and like most other Canadians his age, had a box full of owls.

Terron Wood was a chub. (Just goes to show you.)

And, of course, River Viiperi has been completely adorable his whole life.


A. Nonymous said…
As a child this gives me hope.
Psh as if, these guys are fit.
Latrent said…
What an excellent post, Vera!
Very cool. You find the most amazing things.

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