Pictures Of My (Pretend) Boyfriend

If you happen to be a fan of Alex Pettyfer (and if not, go away, kid, you bother me), you are probably well aware of Alex Pettyfer Source, arguably the best Alex Pettyfer fan site on the planet. If you aren't aware, you should be.  It's run by Lian, a girl from The Netherlands, and she goes to great lengths to find news and pictures no one else has.  Also, unlike many fan site owners, she seems to not be insane, illogical, or hysterical, which is always a plus.


.Ambur. said…
Well I didn't think I was aware of Lian's site, but I already had it favourited! haha :)

Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures of Alex, Vera! It was a pleasure to see them pop up in my google reader. ;)

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