Show I'll Probably Watch, But Maybe With The Sound Turned Down

MTV showed the pilot episode of their new show I Just Want My Pants Back (based on a novel) on Sunday night after the VMAs, even though the series doesn't air until January, and I will probably watch it because of this guy, soon to be 25-year-old Peter Vack, who ticks off all my boxes. He's just gorgeous.  As for the show itself... meh.  I give MTV credit for not doing yet another scripted show set in high school, but this seems like something that should star Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke, circa 1994. Bad things: The dialog is so self-consciously clever that one is left wondering who really talks like that. It makes the fatal mistake of telling us what we are supposed to think- we are told at least twice in the first two minutes that Peter is funny, long before we have a chance to decide that for ourselves, and despite that, I'm still not sure that it's particularly true.  Plus, it doesn't take a crystal ball to see which characters are meant to be together, despite the fact that they are "just friends."  Good things: Um, Peter Vack rolling around in his underwear?  Well,  I'm shallow, and Peter Vack is yummy, and if he's going to be rolling around in his underwear on TV,  I want to see it.  So sue me.


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