Birthday Boy

As you may know, these days there are a ton of attractive young men working in the realm of children's television, but in my opinion, none are handsomer than Ryan Potter, the star of Nickelodeon's comedy/adventure show Supah Ninjas! Ryan is crazy amounts of awesome on the show. Utterly adorable. Today is Ryan's sixteenth birthday.  Happy birthday Ryan!  


bufs said…
Oh, my. Thank you for this homage to the incredibleness that is Ryan on his sweet 16th.

Can you guess what my on-bended-knee birthday gift for him might be?

Yes, a shoeshine!
Vera said…
I find that a shoeshine makes a fine gift, if you don't want to blow your money.
Anonymous said…
Ninja Ryan Rocks !
Uncle Mame said…
Way cute! How is it that I never laid eyes on him til now? Thank you Vera dear.
He looks like a total sweetheart. I see everyone's favourite gay Asian George Takei is involved. Which I could get the channel!
Demolution said…
He's quite the cutie <3 And I don't really have a thing for Asian guys XD

(Oh, I've changed the link of my's no longer but now
yankeefan4 said…
he can kick my ass ant day ;) loved that show till I lost cable :(

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