Skinny Canadian Model Alert!

Update: Five and a half years after I posted these pictures I received an email from a person claiming to be Mitchell Lazar requesting that I delete all of his pictures because they were posted without his permission.  The subject line was "Copyrighted Material," which is most certainly true, although they almost certainly not copyrighted by Mitchell Lazar. But it is my policy to remove photos of people who don't want them here, so they are gone now.   I am deeply sorry, Mitchell, for supporting your career, and I mean that sincerely.  It will never happen again.

If you are looking for pictures of Mitchell, I would suggest you go here.

Mitchell Lazar started out as a kid actor in Canada,  but now he's a seventeen-year-old in grade twelve, and getting some serious attention in the modeling world.  In fact,  he was recently endorsed by, who said, "Big ears, huge eyes, sensual mouth and strong brows all combine to make Mitchell uniquely interesting. All we can say is: watch this face!"  Of course, someone in the comments section chimed in with, "Wow! A male version of Twiggy!", which  may be slightly true, but also isn't as much of an insult as the commenter probably intended.  Well, I like Mitchell.  I think he's rather lovely.

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Today's soundtrack is Joni Mitchell: Court and Spark.


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