Surprise! Another Teen Model!

I first laid eyes on this lovely face at one of Jay McFly's blogs.  His  name is Marcus Hauge, he was born in Norway, but lives in Texas, he is represented by Major Models, and he just started his senior year in high school.   Now, this is just my opinion, but his combination of angel-face and build-like-a-brick-shithouse seems like a sure thing. My prediction:  watch for this face at a Hollister store near you.

Several more photos after the jump.


Anonymous said…
Oooh yes I do recall posting him under ' The Great Gastby ' , great body and thanks for pictures .
Pitbullshark said…
Yes, he looks great shirtless, but that very first picture gets me the most...he is definitely beautiful.
Uncle Mame said…
Funny thing, that great gallery actually looks like several different people to me. The first pic is incredible!
Where in Texas? Is he within stalking distance of me, I wonder.
bufs said…
You continue to spoil us with great beauty nonparaille yet ask nothing in return.

To my everlasting shame, though I've been crazy busy of late, I have managed to find time to take and enjoy while leaving narry comment nor simple thanks in return. Please know that I was taught better.

Thank you.
Vera said…
Thank you all for all the comments. I agree with everyone who likes the first picture best. That's why I put it first. And Mike, he attends the high school in Grapevine, near Dallas.

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