Robbie The Model Sings! Vera Grows A Uterus So She Can Bear His Children!

This is freaking adorable!  Robbie Wadge sings a song he wrote for a girl called Kristina. OK, so he isn't the best singer in the world, his guitar playing is amateurish, and  the song will never top the charts ("I'm like a fuckin' yo-yo." Really?), but if I were her, I'd forgive him his trespasses right quick. And then when he apologizes for his singing at the end? O, as they say, MG!


bufs said…
Vera, I appreciate and positively agree with your adulation of Robbie ... he's delight on a stick.

But as for growing a uterus in homage, well, ewwww!

But I so get where you're coming from! Thank you, as ever.
Anonymous said…
Well I have to say give me Robbie the model over a awful lot of the ' groups and singers in this years X factor .

I actually rather like model Robbie's vocals , is there noyhing he cant do , the other day I found a picture of him ' stripping or sandblasting a door !

Robbie the model , I'll hold your sandblaster any day !

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