You Have My Attention, Now What?

One actor who has my attention at the moment is 20-something Canadian,  Landon Liboiron, formerly of DeGrassi, currently of  Terra Nova. Last night I watched his starring role in a bad horror movie called The Howling Reborn which was only bearable because of his big, blue eyes and the fact that he takes his shirt off for a few moments.  Skinnier than I expected, I must say.  



Pitbullshark said…
Those eyes would be enough! Definitely gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
I have to confess to not catching Terra Nova Yet , but oddly Landon did catch my eye in the previews .
Anonymous said…
"Skinnier than I expected, I must say."
Not that I wouldn't trust your evaluation, but I think I'll have to see it with my own eyes.
Thanks for the headsup! :)

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