Hell's Record Collection: Is This For Real?

How did this song, Tarzan & Jane by Toy-Box,  end up on my hard drive?   It's awful in a way that makes it almost good, and the video is kind enough to put the cute-ish guy, Copenhagen-born Amir El-Falaki, in a loin cloth, but it seems almost insane that people in the three Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands liked it enough to put it in their top ten charts.  Watch the video, but be warned, it may cause your ears to bleed.


Uncle Mame said…
After the first 20 sec I turned the sound off, and then thoroughly enjoyed the rest. Love those dancing elephants. Thanks Vera!
Pitbullshark said…
It sounds quite like that "Barbie" song and maybe put together by the same people?
Definite Barbie Girl flashback, I agree. But this clip makes me feel so much better about my own youtube clips.
Jason Shaw said…
How odd, how strange and how eikks in hell. Didn't anyone at the record company have ears!

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