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Have you ever heard of Hunter Hayes?  He has a few credits at IMDb for small roles he played when he was a youngster,  but mainly he's a country singer.  He's been gigging professionally since he was a kid (he's 20 now) and recently was the opening act on Taylor Swift's tour.  Last month he released his first major label album.  He doesn't really make the kind of music I like,  but oh,  the pretty!


The Fog Horn said…

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jaymcfly said…
oddly I could so see Hunter and Rory from Glee dueting
together , I think the song could be Dream Lover .

You can so see why Hunter is touring with Dame Taylor Swift . I quite like a bit of country in my own way , so thank for the introduction to Hunter .

Now as Doris Day sang ' Whip crack away '

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