Birth Daze

Thank the gods that today is Ross Lynch's 16th birthday, because I have a self-imposed age limit on this blog, and I don't think I could have held out much longer.  I had never heard of Ross until the premiere of Austin & Ally,  his new musical/comedy show on The Disney Channel last month, and even though the show is just more of the same goofball-antics-that-don't-occur-on-Earth-as-we-know-it, like everything else on that channel,  Ross is, quite simply, adorable. I'm not saying that he has demonstrated great acting ability, but that could come. Before The Mouse snapped him up, he played in a band called R5 with other members of his family, including his brother Riker, who Gleeks will recognize as a Dalton WarblerYouTube videos of R5 reveal that Ross is quite a competent pop singer, even without the Disney production gloss, so, as much as I hate to make the comparison, Disney may have finally found their own Bieber.  Time will tell.


Anonymous said…
He is adorable indeed!
Too bad he's in that silly show only so far. Let's hope its just the start of something big.
He may be a good musician but imagine him in a surfer movie...golly!
(sorry for being shollow)
Uncle Mame said…
Super adorable, and a great gallery there, thank you Vera!

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