What's Up With Toby Regbo?

A frustrating thing that happens when you are following the career of an up-and-coming young actor, especially one who lives an works on a different continent than you, is that he can seem to disappear from the face of the Earth for long periods of time, during which you will have no idea what is happening in his career, or if, indeed,  he may have dropped out of show business altogether, in order to become a dentist.

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I first became interested in the career of 20-year-old actor Toby Regbo when I saw him steal the show in Mr. Nobody (which has still not seen the light of day in the US, except through region 2 DVDs and illegal downloads), but since then, when there was a brief but satisfying flurry of announcements of  upcoming projects he would be participating in,  there has been a dry spell of Toby news.  I happy to report that the dry spell is, at least temporarily, over. 

Unfortunately, Toby's role as young Albus Dumbledore in the last two Harry Potter films, turned out to be nothing more than a tease. His scene in the film amounts to a moment in which Harry and Hermione look at a picture of him (and Jamie Campbell Bower) in a book.  However,  photos of his other major projects are starting to surface.  First up is his role as Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island, which premieres at Christmas in the UK, and has been picked up by SyFy for broadcast in the US.   There have been several misguided attempts at Treasure Island in the last few years, most notably a bad German version starring Francois Geoske as Jim (he was the only reason to watch it) and an even worse French one with Vincent Rottiers (a good actor, wasted).  I don't know if this new version will be much better, and frankly, I'm skeptical, but I really am looking forward to it.

I have read the novel Someday This Pain May Be Useful To You and I was very happy to learn that Toby had been cast in the lead role of the movie.  Interestingly,  the novel was a huge hit in Italy, and the film is an Italian production, albeit in English and filmed in New York. It has been doing the festival circuit in Europe and will open in Italy in the new year.  So far , reviews have been tepid, but Toby's performance has been praised.  I'm guessing that this will turn up on Netflix sometime in 2012.  In the meantime, there are a lot of pictures from then film turning up at the moment, and  this mediocre music video has been released which features scenes of Toby in the movie.

Finally, Toby has started work on a new movie, unfortunately called uwantme2killhim?, which is based on a bizarre true story, and may be very interesting.  I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said…
I would watch pretty Toby in anything!
Thanks for the update!
Luuu said…
No encontre un traductor (translate). No podrías colocar uno? Quizás el mismo que ofrece Blogger?
Gracias. Lindas fotos. Cuando comprenda lo que dices, te comentaré el blog.
Unknown said…
You need to update your blog!! He was in the tv show Reign for 2 seasons as Francis King of France until they killed him off. And I hear he has been seen kissing on some unknown dude?? I'm sure he's hot to some gay men and a host of ladies. But not my type. Give me one of those big ol bearded burly Scotsmen and I'd be in heaven!!
Ken Nunnemaker
Oregon, USA

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