In Praise Of Creative Readers

Our friend April is a Photoshop whiz, it seems, and here's something she whipped up to share with us.  It's her own poster for the upcoming flesh fest we call Magic Mike, and features Mr. Alex Pettyfer in a state of not-quite-nakedness. (Original photo by Kai Z Feng.)  Love it, love it, love it. But we'll downplay the fact that Alex is just 17 in this picture.


AmburHostyn said…
I saw this on deviantart, and I couldn't help but smile...and chuckle. The tagline the artist picked is hilarious, "Don't forget to tip your stipper." haha It'll be interesting to see what the real movie posters will look like for Magic Mike...can't wait to see them. :D
April Bostic said…
Aw, thanks Vera! You rock girlfriend!
Anonymous said…
lord have mercy ! great poster !

I love the tag line !

' the clothes come off '

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