Paddy Wacked

The fabulous April sent us these delicious photos of  Paddy Mitchell,  by the also fabulous Cecilie Harris.  Also, this hawt video of Paddy having his picture taken.  If there's a better looking boy alive, I would very much like to see him.  Actually,  strike that, reverse it.  If  I saw someone more beautiful than this I would probably drop dead on the spot.

'Closer' to Paddy from Cecilie Harris on Vimeo.

Special belated thanks to Uncle Mame, who also sent me the Paddy video...  He knows how to warm the cockles of a gal's heart.


April Bostic said…
Vera, you're so right. For a long time I thought Tait Geijer was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen, but Paddy just knocked him off the throne. Tait is pouting and sitting on his butt looking up at Paddy while he reigns as the Most Beautiful Boy.

Thank you thank you thank you for introducing me to him. I started writing again because a muse called Paddy came into my life.

I L-O-V-E that video, especially the end where he looks at you through the window. I wish that was my house and he wanted to come in. Hahaha! XD

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