Ringing Out The Old Year With Kai Z Feng

What better way to end 2011 (and good riddance) than with some lovely portraits from Kai Z Feng,  the (un)official lead photographer of all that is young, hip,  British, and beautiful? Starting above you'll find, under all that fur, the patented pout of Jake Cooper(white).

The beautiful and elusive Alex Godart

Soon to be Spidey, adorable Andrew Garfield
From the second generation of Skins, Jack O'Connell
Mr. Alex Watson 

Pretty Paddy gets a makeover
All we need know is that Robin Ahrens is 18 yrs old
Kacey Carrig, tennis player, is proud to the finich, 'cuz he eats his spinich!
Happy New Year, everyone!


red_eye said…

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Uncle Mame said…
Super selection, Vera.
Looking forward to seeing Andrew Garfield as Spidey!

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