Mistaken Identity

When I first saw the picture at the top of this post I sincerely believed, for a brief moment, that I was looking at a photograph of River Phoenix.  Do you see the resemblance?

River Phoenix is one of those people who I really miss, despite the fact that I never knew him.  I can't help wondering what might have became of him if he had allowed himself to live to a reasonable age instead of dying of an overdose on a Hollywood sidewalk at the age of 23.  I guess I'm also still a bit angry with River Phoenix for what he did to himself.  

The boy up top is Tom Guinness-Taylor, sometimes just Tom Guinness,  a model who has done a lot of work for Burberry, and who, as you'll see in the pictures below, does not really look much like River Phoenix at all.


Anonymous said…
sometimes when I look a dylan o brien , i think theres a bit of River there . Like you I would love to have seen what films or projects River would have done .
Anonymous said…
It's also that I think that Tom Gramenz looks a bit like River Phoenix, at least in some pictures.
David said…
I miss River Phoenix. On the other hand, this boy needs some food. I like skinny guys, but he's too skinny.
Uncle Mame said…
Quite lovely in his own right,
I will be keeping an eye out for him.

Danke Vera dear!

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