The Rentz Boy

 I was looking for something on my hard drive this morning when I came across a cache of pictures of this cute guy, which I downloaded some time ago and forgot.  His name is Eliot Joseph Rentz, and you might be surprised to learn that, although he poses for pictures occasionally,  he is not a model.  He's a fashion designer. If you are interested, you can see his work here.  Adorable, he is, and, thank the gods, not shy. I'd love to see him on Project Runway.

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Anonymous said…
I know I'd force myself to watch Project Runway if he were on! (No offense to Tim or Heidi, I've enjoyed the show when I've watched it, but it's never been a priority).
Vera said…
I watch it religiously already, but this boy, unless he has an incredibly annoying personality, would take it to a whole new level.

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