Ryan Gosling And Bad Kid's TV

Ryan Gosling had a big 2011. He wasn't in any truly "hit" movies, but there's no denying that he was everywhere, critically acclaimed,  and that after several years building up indy cred, he entered the mainstream public consciousness last year in a way he hadn't been before.  Everybody knows by now that he was on the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney and JT and Xtina back in the day, but the first time I saw him was in this Canadian show, a Saved By The Bell wannabe called Breaker HighRyan was kind of the Screech character, believe it or not.  A few years later Ryan starred in the title role of Young Hercules. At the time I found it a bit hard to wrap my mind around the concept of the Breaker High kid as Hercules, plus there was just no way that Ryan Gosling was ever going to grow up to look like Kevin Sorbo.


M said…
Ah...Breaker High. A high school favourite.

(Mostly for Scott Vickaryous, though.)
April Bostic said…
I really don't see the physical appeal with Ryan. I have a thing for blond guys, but to me, he has a long face. He's a good actor, but that's about it. When I watching "Murder by Numbers", I was more focused on Michael Pitt.
AmburHostyn said…
Awe, I used to love Breaker High...and I had the biggest crush on Ryan Gosling. I loved his character! :D And I love him even more now. :D

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