Mug Shot

Have the fashionistas amongst us noticed that the so-called "Polaroids," the no-frills photos that modeling agencies take of aspiring models for casting reference, resemble nothing so much as mug shots? But, you know, with better skin and hair? Take this youngster,  a Russian fellow named Genia Potapenko.  Apart from the fact that he desperately needs a cheeseburger or two, it seems like he's preparing to enter the world's most fabulous prison.  As you can see from the Polaroids above, and the fancy photos below,  Genia is a very pretty, albeit super-skinny guy, and you can bet that if I were running a modeling agency I'd hire him just for his lips.


Wheelboy1989 said…
Genia is really cute according my taste. He have as you said Georgeous lips and sensual mouth.

He has a really the typical Russian facies and I love them.

Thanks for sharing a great stuff as I like discover.

I'm 22 and studies to University BUT all students here Quebec, Canada boycott our course since 105 days.

I have big difficulties to make a BLOG ! However I'm a pro with Microsoft Office 2010 for my work to school. I begin in secondary 4 with Microsoft Office 2000.

Thanks for your nice Blog. I will try work for build a nice Blog because I have a lot of pics and videos and I would like share those materials with you.


Thanks again
Vera said…
I'm glad you like Genia. Let me know when you blog goes live. I'd like to see it.

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