Pin-Up Boy

I really thought that I had seen every 1980s era pin-up picture of my future ex-husband emeritus, C.Thomas Howell, that there was to see.  What I forgot about was a far off place called Japan that was/is full of teen-age girls who have the exact same taste as me. So, thank you, Japan, for these pictures.  I'll be sure to gaze longingly at them while I listen to Barbra Streisand's recording of The Way We Were.


bufs said…
Memories ... light the corners of my mind. And I'm talkin' misty watercolor memories here! Such nice photos.
Vera said…
I knew I was getting old when Tommy Howell showed up on Summerland playing Zac Efron's father. Sigh.
jaymcfly said…
Well I've not seen these before , holy hearthrob !

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