Surf Ninja!

Here's Ryan Potter, the adorable star of Nickelodeon's show Supah Ninjas!  I'm happy to report that Ryan is currently working on a second season of that show, but first he found time to get a little surfing in. How lucky for us that a professional photographer happened to be standing by.  

When he's not surfing or working, Ryan likes to take a stand against anti-gay hate groups, so thanks, Ryan, for that. 

One thing I've noticed on his Twitter feed is that he seems to have a great deal of fondness for old vinyl records, and that endears him to me even more. 

Ryan is also an avid baseball player. Here he is in his Boston Red Sox jersey,  hanging out at Fenway Park. I don't know which team Ryan plays for, but whichever one it is, I'm sure he's the MVP.


Anonymous said…
I'm really glad they got a 2nd series as I enjoyed the first .

Thanks for the surfing picture too .
Anonymous said…
Very sweet!
I see Rena Durham has quite a number of young celebs in her portolio.

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