Hotties of the Past

Here's Mr. Tony Dow in a photo taken about a half a century ago.  Mr. Dow is very well known among people of a certain age as polite, clean-cut, all-American boy Wally Clever on the ancient television series Leave It To Beaver.  These days, at 67 years of age, he is successful sculptor .


Pitbullshark said…
All these years I don't think I have ever seen Tony Dow shirtless. Thank you for this. I remember him so well! Another star from that era whose picture I saw recently (in an automobile museum, where they had one of his cars) was Ricky Nelson (one of the most beautiful guys ever). It's quite wonderful to be reminded of these amazing hotties from the past.
bufs said…
Goodness. Wally's lookin' good. And filling those shorts quite nicely, thank you.
Ralph D said…
Tony Dow had it all. Great hair, handsome face. smooth tight muscular body, and a very BIG package. I've seen other photos were he definitely was not hiding the fact that he was hung. He tops the polls for the hottest teen guy of that era. He had lots of girl friends at the time. I wonder if he will do a tell all book?

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